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Puzzles Help Your Kids Learn

Learning with Puzzles

I love puzzles. As a mother of three, I really love the peace and quiet that follows once I put the kids to work on one! While the tranquility is a huge plus, putting together puzzles also helps children to learn in many different and important ways.

  • Fine Motor Skills
  • When little hands must seek out small puzzle pieces, pick them up and place them within a puzzle, this is actually building their fine motor skills. Every time they do this is essential practice in helping them to become more accurate with their hand movements. Fine motor skills are essential to healthy development and later will be used for more complex tasks such as buttoning their clothes, writing, and drawing.
  • Understanding Patterns
  • When your child sees a puzzle with a picture of a horse on it and goes looking for the head, this is a cognitive milestone which shows they are beginning to understand how pieces of an image go together. It requires their brains to piece together the patterns to figure out the entire image.
  • Memory Improvement
  • Every time your child is putting together a puzzle, they are exercising their memory and building their confidence. Have you noticed a puzzle which stumped your child at first, they can now put together in a matter of minutes? That is their memory at work and getting better each time.
  • Problem Solving Skills
  • Solving a puzzle also helps increase a child’s mathematical awareness and problem solving skills. Talking through a puzzle and helping them figure out where the next piece goes is also a great way to bond with your child and increase their confidence. It also makes your child feel special and shows that you are interested in what they are doing.
Puzzles come in many different sizes and shapes today, including traditional jigsaw, floor and wooden puzzles. My kids especially love the Bloco Construction Toys and Puzzibits Puzzle Art, as well as pencil puzzles like crosswords and word searches. Take a few minutes today and put your kids to work on a puzzle!

~ Jennifer