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Rhea Big Eyes Sitting Rhino Stuffed Animal

Item Codefta39429
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Rhea, this adorable rhino stuffed animal, is looking to you for protection from looming extinction. This sweet baby rhinoceros has a huggable body covered in soft gray fur, a fluffy black tail tuft, and cream accents, including a stately horn. With big, warm brown eyes, you'll want to take this cuddly plush rhino with you on all your adventures. She even promises not to roll around in the nearest mud puddle while you're not looking.

Plush Rhea Rhino wants you to know all about rhinos and comes with an informational tag as follows...

Rhinos are among the largest of the herbivores, consuming large quantities of grasses, shrubs, and herbs. Rhinos are unpredictable when disturbed, as likely to charge as to run away. When charging, it puffs and snorts like a steam engine, running with its tail erect at speeds of up to 30 mph. Adult females are rarely alone, almost always accompanied by their latest calf. Births occur at intervals of 2-4 years. The rhino is endangered and can be found in the wild only in well protected reserves.
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