Sapwood Mossbottom Wetmore Forest Plush POP Monster Stuffed Animal

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Meet Sapwood Mossbottom, this adorable plush POP monster from Funko's imaginative and whimsical Wetmore Forest. Known for his amazing storytelling abilities, Sapwood Mossbottom is a wise and generous monster who is trusted and well-respected by the entire community. From the top of his corduroy horns to the bottom of his sea foam felt feet, you will love having POP Monster Sapwood Mossbottom as a fun collectible stuffed animal or huggable friend. With a cuddly body of soft dark and light teal striped fur and long fluffy light green beard, this loveable plush monster has fun felt claws, laid-back ears with pink under-ears, light blue tummy, and big eyes with embroidered details. With cute little critters peeking out of his beard, Pop Monster Sapwood Mossbottom is ready for many imaginative adventures while inspiring you to seek wisdom and be generous with others.

Sapwood Mossbotton has been the Master Storyteller and spiritual leader to the monsters of the Wetmore Village for as long as anyone can remember. His long memory and deep understanding of the ancient ways make him a trusted and well-respected member of the community. At times eccentric, often mysterious, his great wisdom is only matched by his warmth, generosity and insatiable appetite for fresh Snodgrass Dumplings.
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