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Scruff's Summer Camp Adventure Personalized Children's Book

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In this Scruff's Summer Camp Adventure personalized children's book, Scruff (newphew of McGruff the Crime Dog) teaches kids a valuable lesson concerning drug and substance awareness while joining your child on a fun summer camp outing. Help take a bite out of crime with this anti-drug Scruff story!

What's a Presto Sticker Book? Presto Sticker Collection books are personalized using customized stickers made from the artwork from the book itself. The patented process cleverly blends your child's name and other personalized information directly into the pages. In addition, the durable construction features hard covers, laser-print pages, and full-color illustrations throughout each book.
Read part of the story (Personalized information is indicated by parentheses.)
  • It was the first day of the field trip. Scruff and (Child) were waiting impatiently with (Friends) for the bus that would carry them to Camp Happy Hollow.
  • McGruff, the famous crime dog, had come along to see his nephew Scruff safely off to camp.
  • Suddenly, a blue van squealed around the corner and screeched to a halt beside the curb. Scruff and (Child), along with (Friends), scrambled to their feet and leaped backwards onto the grass!
  • As Scruff and (Child) watched curiously with (Friends), the three young strangers tumbled out of the car and onto the grass. Judging by their gear, it seemed they too were on their way to Camp Happy Hollow.
  • Just then, the bus rounded the corner and pulled up to the curb. It was time to climb aboard for the ride to Camp Happy Hollow. McGruff reminded Scruff about a few important safety tips before letting him climb aboard!
  • Soon the bus was under way. The kids from the blue van settled into seats behind Scruff and his friends. But before Scruff could say hello...
  • ...the three newcomers were no longer in their seats. It was obvious that they had more on their minds than just introductions!
  • It wasn't long before Joe noticed that the bus driver was looking at the three of them suspiciously from the front of the bus. Afraid he would be seen, Joe quickly stuffed his cigarettes back into his bag.
  • At long last the bus arrived at Camp Happy Hollow. It was after dark, but the moon was bright in the night sky. As the kids climbed sleepily down form the bus, they were met by a friendly camp counselor.
  • Soon, (Child) and the campers had to settle into their bunks for a good night's sleep.
  • Bright and early the next morning, Scruff and his friends met in the camp dining hall for breakfast. They were very excited when the counselor told them they were going on a nature hike in the woods. No one had ever been on a nature hike before!
  • Scruff and his friends soon began to enjoy the nature hike. They spotted a deer drinking from a stream and saw a hawk flying through the tall trees. None of the campers noticed that Sam, Joe and Leon had fallen behind.
  • Well hidden behind the bushes, the three kids opened their backpacks and pulled out a couple of beers and their cigarettes. The beer was warm and tasted terrible, but they drank it anyhow, then tossed the empty cans behind a rock.
  • Soon, after catching up to the other hikers, Joe, Sam and Leon began to feel a little sick. Scruff and (Child) were puzzled by their strange behavior. They couldn't imagine what was wrong with them.
  • Later, back at camp, Scruff and (Child) quickly changed into their bathing suits. It was time to head down to the lake for a swim. They grabbed their towels and sunscreen. A swim was a great way to cool off after the nature hike...
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6.5" x 9.25"
Full-Color Pictures & Laser-Printed Text
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Proudly Made in the U.S.A.
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