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Special Delivery Personalized Children's Book

Item Codecab512
          ** OUT OF STOCK **

First Name:
Middle Name:
Last Name:
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Date of Birth:
Time of Birth:
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Hospital Visitor:
Hospital Visitor 2:
Hospital Visitor 3:
Hospital Visitor 4:
Doctor or Midwife:
Mom's First Name:
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Dad's First Name:
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Date of Gift:
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Special Delivery, this beautifully illustrated personalized baby book, is a unique way of treasuring your child's birth and makes an adorable family keepsake. This personalized story records all the special details of your child's birth, and with cuddly characters like Topper the Turtle, Squeeky Squirrel, and Bouncy Bunny, this Special Delivery personalized children's book will keep your child's interest long after they've outgrown the baby stage.

What's a Create-A-Book? Each book in our Create-A-Book Collection is fully personalized with important information about your child including child's full name and age, friends' names, hometown and more! Our durable construction features wipe-clean hard covers, laser-print pages and full-color illustrations (except where otherwise noted) which serve to create lifetime keepsakes.
Read part of the standard version story (Personalized information is indicated by parentheses.)
  • One very special day in (Hometown), a wonderful thing happened in the lives of (Mom) and (Dad). Do you know what it was?
    A very special little (girl) named (Child's full name) was born. Everyone at (hospital) was very excited. The whole town of (Hometown) had been anxiously awaiting (her) arrival.
  • When Topper Turtle heard the news, he gathered everyone together. He declared (date of birth) to be a very special birthday for (Child) and an occasion that should be celebrated on the same day every year!
  • At (hospital), Stilty Stork assisted (Doctor/Midwife) in delivering (Child) into the world at (time of birth).
    "You're a fine baby (girl)," said (Doctor/Midwife). "I know your (mommy and daddy) are proud to have the cutest baby in the world."
  • Squeaky Squirrel and Bouncer the Bunny weighed and measured little (Child), who was (weight), and (length) long at birth.
  • Mommy and Daddy wanted to have a baby exactly like (Child). Their very special delivery had made this one of the happiest days of their lives.
  • In fact, (Child) seemed to make everyone happy. Even gruff old Grumbly Gopher had to chuckle when (Child) made cute little baby faces.
  • Soon, the news of (Child)'s birth spread far and wide. It seemed everyone in (Hometown) was thrilled to hear about (Child)'s arrival. When Mrs. Churchmouse heard the news, she became so excited that she fell off her of chair and spilled her tea!...
Product Details
6.75" x 8.25"
Full-Color Pictures & Laser-Printed Text
Made in
Proudly Made in the U.S.A.
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