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The Ultimate Jurassic Park Birthday Party

Dinosaur Land Wall Decals RoomIt was my son’s tenth birthday and I wanted to do something special and unique for him. He is a dinosaur fanatic and I thought it would be fun to not just decorate in a dino theme, but to make it appear as if the actual beasts had shown up at the party. My goal: to transform my boring dining room into an exciting Jurassic Park.

Searching on the Internet I found exactly what I was looking for from CDK kids: A giant T-Rex wall decal and various other decals from Dinosaur Land. The T-Rex was so cool I couldn’t help but order two. I realized goodie bags are the standard at parties but again I wanted to be different (Plus, I really dislike stuffing goodie bags). Instead of cheap toys and candy I wanted a keepsake each boy could take home and cherish. I found an adorable stuffed dinosaur I could not resist and knew each boy would instantly love.

To finish off my decorations and party supplies I found plates, napkins and cups from Dinosaur Corporation. They also had giant inflatable balloons in the shape of a T-Rex and Brachiosaurus. With a few clicks everything was ordered and I could not wait to put it all together.

On the day of the party, I applied the wall decals to my dining room walls. They were a snap to put up and reposition as necessary. A furry stuffed dino was placed on each chair with a name tag affixed to his paws. Giant balloons were inflated and hung from all four corners of the room. I found some jungle music to play in the background and replaced my normal light bulbs with green and red ones. The table was decorated and presto the room was transformed into a dinosaur wonderland. It was so cool I almost did not want to let all the party monsters in to mess it up!

Suffice it to say the boys had a great time and the stuffed animals were a big hit. It was great to see the boys making up games and playing happily with their new stuffed friends. My son insisted this was his best birthday ever, and as a special bonus we reused the wall decals in his room after the party. I love it when a plan comes together!

~ Jennifer