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Travel Games For Kids That Stir The Imagination

Taking a vacation is a big deal. We all need a break from reality sometimes and I don’t mean just me, I mean the kids too. When we go on vacation the last thing I want is for someone to be glued to the TV or gabbing on a phone. I’m a big proponent of making sure our brains take a vacation as well.

There are so many great travel games that stir the imagination and are great alternatives to electronic games. These games can provide hours of fun and stimulate the creativity that all our children need today. Best of all, they can easily be packed away for long flights or car drives.

CDK Travel GameAlphabet (Script) Squiggle On-The-Go Game

The Alphabet (Script) Squiggle On-The-Go game is one of my favorites. This Squiggle game furtively teaches the skill of writing cursive while keeping kids entertained. The concept is simple: spin the wheel, create the first ‘squiggle’ or cursive letter, and begin to draw! The outcomes are always entertaining and the endless possibilities keep your children engaged for a long time.

CDK Travel Game_2Imagine I Can Cheese Chase Game

Imagine your kids could spend hours pretending to be little mice running after blocks of cheese. Oh wait… they can! Tucked inside each tin of the Imagine I Can Cheese Chase Game are little wooden mice, wooden cheese wedges, dice and instructions – a complete game set. It’s an easy way to keep two kids entertained and doesn’t have too many pieces to worry about.

CDK Travel Game 3Imagine I Can Shape Stack Game

Here’s another Imagine I Can game that merges excitement with learning skills. The Imagine I Can Shape Stack game tests your kids’ balancing and color matching abilities. Roll the die and stack the appropriate colored block atop a wobbly base. The one who places the most blocks on top before it falls wins! This game is great once your reach your destination (as it’s extra hard to play in a moving vehicle).

Don’t let video games and TV get in the way of a real vacation. Pick up some of these great kids’ travel games and stir their imaginations. Enjoy your travels!

Image Courtesy: and chrisroll