Up, Up, and Away Wallies Big Mural Wallpaper Cutouts

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Transform your child's room into a world of high flying fun with these creative Up, Up, and Away Wallies Big Mural Wallpaper Cutouts. Each piece is diecut for easy use, and with the helicopter alone almost 2 feet wide, this sky transportation mural set is a fun, fast, and easy way to transform a room on a budget. Making it easy to achieve the look of stenciling, these fun Up, Up, and Away Wallies Big Mural Wallpaper Cutouts will delight the little aviator in your life.
Set includes:
  • 12 Clouds (8.25" x 5.875" to 11.375" x 8.375")
  • Helicopter (22" x 14.25")
  • Blimp 17.375" x 10"
  • Small Plane (12.375" x 15.25")
  • Large Plane (16.25" x 19.75")
  • Small Hot Air Balloon (7.875" x 12.375")
  • Large Hot Air Balloon (12.25" x 19.125")
Why spend hours when you can create beauty in just minutes? Simply wet the pre-pasted side and stick them onto your wall or other surface. It just doesn't get much easier than that!

Up, Up, and Away Wallies Big Mural Wallpaper Cutouts are...
  • a colorful, stylish and affordable decorating techinique
  • pre-pasted so there are no messy glues to use
  • vinyl coated so they can be easily wiped clean
  • easily strippable so they can be changed at your whim
  • so easy to apply that changing the look of your room can be done in a matter of minutes
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Clouds 8.25" x 5.875" to 11.375" x 8.375"; Helicopter 22" x 14.25"; Blimp 17.375" x 10"; Planes 12.375" x 15.25" to 16.25" x 19.75"; Hot Air Balloons 7.875" x 12.375" to 12.25" x 19.125"
Set Includes
4 large clouds, 8 small clouds, helicopter, blimp, large plane, small plane, large hot air balloon, and small hot air balloon
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Proudly Made in the U.S.A.
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