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Wallies Wallpaper FAQ
What are Wallies®?
Wallies® are pre-pasted (no wallpaper paste required), vinyl-coated wallpaper cutouts that make decorating children's bedrooms, playrooms, crafts, furniture and many other surfaces a breeze.

Wallies® takes the tedium out of achieving the look of stenciling. Why spend hours when you can create beauty in just minutes?

Wallies® are applied easier than a roll of wallpaper, without the mess, without the measuring, without cutting and without the need of a helper.

Do I have to cut them out myself?
No. Wallies® come already die-cut in each unique shape.

How do I apply Wallies®?
Simply wet the pre-pasted side and stick them onto your wall or other surface. A sponge or paper towel and water are all the equipment you will require. No other supplies are needed - no stencils, paints, brushes or glue. Each kit contains instructions and removeable sticky paper dots to make positioning Wallies® on a surface simple and sure.

Can I get them off once I stick them up?
Yes. Wallies® are made to be durable and to stay put once they are up, but when you are ready to take them off, they can be stripped off by wetting them again.

Can I hang them in a moist bathroom?
Yes. Wallies® are vinyl-coated so they can be washed and they can withstand the moisture in a bathroom. Just don’t put them right in the shower. Direct water flow will cause them to strip off.

Where can I use Wallies®?
Of course, Wallies® are perfect decorating the walls of children's bedrooms, playrooms, etc., but they will also adhere to almost any smooth, flat surface... furniture, cabinets, stationery, gift boxes, crafts, memory books and covers, lamp shades, picture frames, floor and table runners, gift wrapping, invitations, bulletin boards, ceramic tile... the list is nearly endless.

The only place you can’t stick Wallies® is on slick plastic surfaces. Wallies® on ceramic tile should be located away from high moisture areas, such as backsplashes on sinks.

How long should I wait before applying Wallies® to a surface that has just been painted?
Each paint manufacturer will have suggested times for waiting before applying a second coat of paint and these suggestions should be followed for applying Wallies®. They may also provide an amount of time for curing the paint before doing anything else to its surface. Paint should definitely be completely dry before Wallies® application, but the best guideline is to follow manufacturer instructions.

Will Wallies® hurt the surface underneath when I take them off?
No. Wallies® are made to strip off without damage to the surface.

Can I put them on existing wallpaper?

Are Wallies® safe for scrapbooking?
Scrapbookers love Wallies®. Unfortunately the cutouts are not 100% acid-free. However many people have gotten around this problem by spraying the Wallies® with products like Archival Mist® or by placing archival quality papers between the Wallies® and their treasured photos. We suggest you do what feels right to you. Their acidity is only slight.

Can I apply Wallies® to tile, mirrors/windows and textured walls?
Yes. Wallies® adhere easily to hard, smooth surfaces like tile and glass. With textured walls, Wallies® adhere best when the texture is not too rough and the surface has been painted.

Raw wood surfaces or porous, textured wallpaper usually poses a problem as the porous surface will absorb the wet glue and result in a weak bond. In this case you may want to reinforce the bond with a little spray adhesive.

Are Wallies® easy enough for my kids to decorate their own rooms?
You bet.

Can I use Wallies® for decoupage?
Absolutely! Just wet the back and stick them on and seal them like you would any decoupage cutout.

Can I put Wallies® on furniture that goes outside?
We do not recommend it unless you polyurethane over the Wallies® to seal them. Extremes in temperature and humidity are not good for Wallies®. Like other wallpaper products, Wallies® can fade with time from extensive direct exposure to ultraviolet rays.

How many Wallies® does it take to decorate a room?
Well, it's hard to say. Obviously it depends on the size of your room. Each Wallies® package contains 25 cutouts. Since some are larger than others, you'll want to refer to the sizes noted on each page. As a general rule you can usually do a thorough job with one pack for a small room, like a bathroom, and 3 packs for a normal bedroom. We suggest you use your best judgment.

Can custom Wallies® designs be made for me, such as a special request for a certain design or a design from a photo I provide?
We are not able to provide this type of service, but we do welcome your suggestions and may consider certain designs if we have a lot of interest.

In summary, Wallies® are...
  • a colorful, stylish and affordable decorating technique
  • pre-pasted so there are no messy glues to use
  • vinyl coated so they can be easily wiped clean
  • easily strippable so they can be changed at your whim
  • so easy to apply that changing the look of your room can be done in a matter of minutes