White Tailed Buck Flopsies Stuffed Animal

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This huggable Flopsies plush white tailed buck (aka white tail deer) is cute and cuddly with soft caramel brown fur, white under-tail, cream tummy, chest, and lower face, and dark brown hooves. With warm brown eyes and flexible suede-like antlers, this Flopsie White Tailed Buck stuffed animal is ready for hours of imaginative adventure and cuddly fun and will definitely be a friend for life.

This Flopsies plush white tailed buck is also eco friendly with cloth labels made from recycled materials and fiber fill and beans (plastic pellets) made from 100% recycled plastic.

Fun facts about white tailed deer:
One of the most well known of all large mammals, whitetail deer live throughout North American in wild forests and suburban parks. They range in size from about 62-87 inches long and normally weigh around 110-300 pounds. As herbivores, they're constantly looking for snacks. In a single bound, they can leap 10 feet high - right over a garden fence. To warn of danger, white tailed deer stomp their hooves and snort, while raising the white undersides of their tails to flag an alert. When mother deer fun off, their white tails helps fawns follow them to safety - which is good because deer can run at speeds of up to 40 miles per hour.
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