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Why Reading at Bedtime is Important

Mother Goose Personalized Children's Book
The traditional “bedtime” story is a staple in many family homes and for good reason. Not only does it help a child settle down after being active all day, it is also a wonderful bonding time for you and your child. If you have never read to your kids at night, they may seem surprised when you first mention it. After only a few nights, most kids are excited about a bedtime story and running for the bookshelf to pick out their favorite.

Whether you are a bedtime story beginner, or a seasoned pro searching for something new to read, consider a personalized bedtime story book. These books make your child the star of the story and often teach valuable lessons. They also encourage reading and portray your child in a positive or heroic story line.

Favorite Bedtime Books

In The Ballerina Princess, your child dreams of one day becoming the performing Ballerina Princess. She practices and watches the famous visiting ballerina. When the professional gets the flu right before the big production number, your child saves the day and plays the starring role.

My Book of Prayers is a personalized book that is non-denominational and teaches kids how to pray. It includes prayers for when your child is sick or scared and also everyday life situations such as eating and going to bed.

The book of personalized Mother Goose nursery rhymes puts your child’s name into the rhymes. Imagine reading to your child, “Hey diddle diddle! (Your child) played the fiddle, (Their friend) jumped over the moon…” Much laughter and giggles are certain to follow.

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