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Woolsey Wolf Mini Flopsies Stuffed Animal

Item Codemflp31172
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Mini Flopsies Woolsey, this sweet little plush wolf, is super excited at the prospect of accompanying you for hours of fun and imaginative adventure. With soft gray fur, cream and tan accents, and warm brown eyes, Mini Flopsies stuffed wolf Woolsey will melt your heart as you quickly become lifelong friends. To help you learn about wolves, Woolsey even includes an animal information tag as follows...

The Gray Wolf (also known as the Timber Wolf) is the largest member of the dog family, and lives in packs (groups). Gray Wolves range in color from grizzled gray or black to all-white. As the ancestor of the domestic dog, the Gray Wolf resembles German Shepherds or Malamutes. Wolves are mainly found in the most northern parts of the Northern Hemisphere. Wolves howl as a signal to other wolves, telling of the beginning and ending of a hunt, of a wolf separated from its pack, as a warning to other wolf packs, and simply for the fun of it. Gray Wolves have strong jaws with sharp teeth, including long canine teeth which tear flesh. Adults are about 4.5 feet long and weight about 80 pounds.
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Gray / Cream / Tan
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