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Zebra (Small) Tumblers Stuffed Animal

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Flipsy, flopsy, fun, this stuffed zebra is part of the Wild Republic Tumblers collection, specially designed to stand, sit, or even balance on its head. This sweet zebra even has a special opening under its tummy making it a fun finger puppet as well. Created with nature and education in mind, this plush zebra has soft white and black striped fur, black accents, fluffy mane, and a sweet face, and includes an informational tag as follows...

Hi! I'm a Zebra. I am a cousin of the horse, but I have these stripes which are really neat. They are very useful, for when we zebras stand in a group, a lion or tiger cannot pick out one of us to chase! Each zebra's stripes are unique. I sleep standing up and have really good night vision. That way I can see a tiger, even if it can't see me!

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this Tumblers stuffed zebra goes towards Abhaya Charitable Foundation (USA), a nonprofit organization providing housing, education, and support of disadvantaged children throughout the world.
Note: This adorable Tumblers stuffed zebra is also a finger puppet.
Product Details
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All Ages
Surface Washable
White / Black
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